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Webinar: Our Hybrid Cloud Journey Using NetApp Private Storage

On March 1, 2018 our director Matt Brown shared key insights that NetApp IT discovered on its trip to the cloud. During the webinar, he shared key lessons learned and the strategy our team used for deploying cloud resources to run our own production...

Infographic: To Cloud or Not To Cloud?

Take a closer look at NetApp IT’s cloud strategy and framework in this infographic.
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Cloud Decision Framework from NetApp

Three Steps to Defining a Cloud-First Strategy

Inside NetApp IT we previously looked at the cloud as a static end state where apps were placed in the cloud on an individual basis. We then realized that we could leverage the cloud in a far more dynamic way. A dynamic strategy enables us to move...

Using OpenShift & Trident to provision storage at NetApp

Using OpenShift as the orchestrator of the technology stack and NetApp Trident as the owner and administrator of storage, NetApp IT has introduced elements of Platform as a Service (PaaS) by developing push-button deployment of NAS or block storage...