Ansible Automation for Consistent Storage Environment Delivery

June 18, 2020 by

As storage management experts, NetApp IT leans on tools like RedHat Ansible to help automate the delivery of consistent storage environments, reduce configuration errors, and respond to threshold limits. Two years ago, the team started using ONTAP Ansible modules to reduce Day 0 build times from a 2-day manual process to an automated, 10-minute process. Today, their uses of Ansible has grown. From enforcement of SnapShot policies to deleting broken SnapMirror relationships, to autosizing volumes and automating iNodes and end-to-end SVM provisioning, the team has fully embraced automation. It is vital to the modern delivery of storage services.

Watch this webinar to hear how NetApp IT has adopted automation and infrastructure as code for storage management.

About the Speakers

Faisal Salam, Senior IT Storage Engineer at NetApp, is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team which acts as the first adopter of NetApp solutions and services. Faisal supports software-defined storage solutions for enterprise data management plus the use of ONTAP Adaptive QoS.

Victor Ifediora, Senior IT Storage Engineer at NetApp, is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team. Victor is the Ansible Storage Automation lead and is responsible for ONTAP provisioning and configuration management via Ansible.

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