CloudOne: Hybrid Cloud at NetApp

September 22, 2020 by

As applications rapidly migrate to public and private clouds, application developers are expecting more from traditional, enterprise infrastructure teams. Simply providing servers and storage in a corporate data center, even in a cost-effective way, is no longer enough. To stay relevant, IT Infrastructure organizations need to provide highly automated, self-service, cloud-based application development platforms which provide rapid onboarding and delivery, integrated software development pipelines, and new application run-time environments (e.g. containers).

Learn how NetApp IT implemented a greenfield DevOps platform called CloudOne that provides all the cloud services, automation, and CI/CD release models application development teams need to build cloud native applications using micro-services architectures running in containers. Presented by Michael J. Morris, Senior Director of IT Platform, Cloud & Infrastructure at NetApp.

  • Introduction to CloudOne, the DevOps platform inside NetApp
  • Why DevOps in the enterprise
  • CloudOne vision & goals
  • CloudOne technology architecture
  • How NetApp IT got started
  • Demos: onboarding apps & CI/CD process