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Customer Services that Move at the Speed of Conversation

Every day, hundreds of NetApp technical support engineers troubleshoot customer cases, totaling 15,000 cases each month. Yet these heroes were using “swivel chair” processes to navigate among nine separate systems, manually retrieving and consolidating information to provide solutions to our customers. To capture customer support knowledge in real time, the Enterprise Solutions Delivery team rewrote the case management system using a new DevOps framework, CloudOne Business Resilient Applications (COBRA). This provides templates, libraries, methodologies, and processes to manage cloud-based microservices-based architecture.

Learn more in the latest NetApp on NetApp blog, made possible by Sr. IT Director of Enterprise Solutions Robert Stumpf, Sr. Manager of IT Solutions Delivery Alice Ward, Sr. Manager of IT ERP Delivery Raghu Kulkarni, and Sr. Manager of IT GTM Delivery Sunil Suparasmul.

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