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Data is Changing and the Demand for StorageGRID is Insatiable

In terms of modern-day IT, the amount and type of data received is different from the past. Historically, data has been structured, transaction-oriented, and constantly updated. At the same time, the way applications interact with data has been stateful, atomic (database) transactions. The data growth that many companies are seeing today, however, is a different type of data: unstructured data that sprawls, it’s kept forever, seldomly updated, and is meant to be accessed by multiple application services across geographical boundaries.

While growth is happening with all kinds of data, NetApp IT has witnessed an increased appetite for object storage. Our consumption of StorageGRID storage has grown 400% over the past 18 months and it’s on track to become one of the primary storage solutions within our organization. Learn what’s driving this growth on the NetApp blog.