NetApp on NetApp

DevOps eBook Series: Approach to a DevOps Platform

Traditional approaches and governance methods often impede DevOps as software developers want—and are rewarded for—speedy change delivery, new features, new technology and
innovation. On the other hand, Operations wants—and is rewarded for—stability, predictability, control, and above all, nondisruptive operations. With a DevOps approach, you must break out of the traditional mode and get the developers and ops staffs to work collaboratively on projects from start to finish. To do this, we took advantage of a greenfield opportunity to build a platform
with an infinite set of developer tools, platform software, and infrastructure.

This eBook covers how we approached integrating leading thirdparty tools along with NetApp technologies to increase Dev and Ops productivity across six essential capabilities: CI/CD, code and binary management, containers, automation, cloud and PaaS, and monitoring. Click here to download the full eBook.