Fast File Uploads with S3 Object Storage Using NetApp StorageGRID

October 15, 2020 by No Comments

SPD-1184-2 | Watch

Presented by Murthy Patnaik, Domain Architect

NetApp Support needed a fast, reliable, and secure way for customers to upload massive 100GB+ files. NetApp IT solved the problem by implementing a hybrid-cloud upload solution using NetApp StorageGRID. The solution has been proven up to 2 TB with multi-part upload features including pause, resume, and cancel. View this demo to learn about robust file uploads that work with technology stacks like S3 SDK, Angular, Node, and multiple public-cloud solutions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn how to use StorageGRID solution to upload files up to 2 TB with a multi-part upload features including pause, resume, and cancel features
  2. Tips on how to upload large files over https with pre-assigned URLS for added security
  3. Discover how to quickly upload large objects reliably is by splitting files into smaller 100MG segments using multipart uploading

Murthy Patnaik, and his architecture team, build diagnostic tools with a focus on technology evaluations and building working architectures with Big Data and Cloud platforms.