FinOps helps NetApp optimize cost efficiencies for cloud-led software development

For decades, IT spending largely centered around balancing ongoing costs for things like licensing, energy, and maintenance with significant, cyclical investments, or capital expenditures (capex), every few years in IT enhancements and hardware and software upgrades. IT managers, finance leaders, and procurement struggled with the complicated, frustrating process of analyzing spreadsheets and reports in order to lay their bets on which hardware and infrastructure investments would deliver the best value in the years ahead.

At NetApp, we believe that understanding our costs and their associated value helps us to strategically use our resources to fund digital transformation and ultimately to better serve our customers, partners, and investors. That’s why NetApp IT is exploring FinOps, or cloud financial management, particularly as it relates to CloudOne, our all-in-one hybrid cloud platform for our software development and operations. To learn more, get all the details on the NetApp blog.