How Ford Motor Company uses NetApp technologies to transform their storage services

November 20, 2020 by

At the 2020 NetApp INSIGHT™ Digital Eventwhen NetApp’s Global Digital Transformation leader Evan Miller and NetApp customer Rodger Manning of Ford Motor Company are joined by Mary Jo LeBlanc from NetApp IT, a lively discussion ensues that answers the question: Does your IT Transformation need some love? 

Rodger shares a behind-the-scenes look into how his team at Ford Motor Company delivered on their “North Star” goal to become a storage service provider to deliver higher value, reduce costs, and accelerate business outcomes. Rodger talks about gaining agility by being smart about what they do on-premises and leaning into cloud.  

Like NetApp IT, the transformation at Ford has been a continuous journey. One that reduces IT’s infrastructure portfolio through standards and consolidations along with using APIs to embrace automation and simplify service catalogs. For Ford, it was a rebranding effort on how they looked at traditional storage and data protection technologies to mimic cloud provider offerings.

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