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IT Operational Support with a SaaS-First Cloud Strategy

For the on premises and private cloud environments, NetApp IT has a mature and productive operational support model that is well managed, has proven processes and established metrics, and results in little or no business disruptions. But that wasn’t always the case. In late 2011, we were experiencing Priority-1 (P1) outages almost every day. We found that the more change introduced, the more volatile our IT environment became, and the more our teams behaved in a reactive manner.

Fast forward to today, and we are providing a predictable, steady-state mode of operationsregardless of the changes being introduced into the environment. We have seen a dramatic reduction in P1s and can go months without one!  All very good stuff, yet I see our operational support model shifting with the world of cloud and our adoption of a SaaS-first (Software as a Service) strategy.

Our Senior Director of IT Operations, Mike Eubanks, shares how NetApp IT is shifting the focus of its support teams to include product experts and administrators as opposed to technical gurus, and how documentation and built-in supportability act as the keys to success. Get the details on the NetApp blog.