Level Up: The Power of DevOps | INSIGHT Las Vegas 2019

November 27, 2019 by

DevOps is part strategy, part process, and above all, a transformative journey representing your developer’s ability to create the faster, better software that customers demand. Regardless if it’s an IoT app, a mobile banking app or a customer support app, software developers and operations staff are now being asked to work collaboratively on projects from start to finish. Traditional silos and governance methods are being displaced by micro-services architectures running in containers, using cloud for rapid software creation and change. We should know, we’re on the journey with you.

Don’t miss this behind the-scenes view into how our NetApp IT team—storage admins, app developers and infrastructure architects—uses NetApp technologies as interconnected solutions to simplify, automate, and cloudify our own enterprise and adopt DevOps.

  • Explore the potential impact that DevOps can have on people, processes and technology across your organization
  • Get an inside look into how IT can leverage the public and private cloud for rapid CI/CD
  • Understand how Ansible helps automate software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.

Check out the session from INSIGHT Las Vegas 2019 in the video above.