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Make DevOps Even More Effective by Building a DevOps Platform

Many IT organizations are implementing DevOps practices to realize the benefits that companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others have been experiencing for years. They want to deliver features faster, improve the stability of applications, and move from a reactive delivery organization to one of innovation.  No doubt these are great benefits, yet you cannot reach the full potential of DevOps if you only focus on getting the practice going.

I find that many organizations have DevOps practices split across multiple teams with each one having their own tools, applications, and processes. While each team is effective within its own microcosm, you risk losing productivity when developers move among teams or cross-team collaboration is needed. Development is interrupted as new team members adjust to specific tools, applications, and processes. It’s also not uncommon for developers to build their own tools and applications, as well as maintain them, which means they are not developing.

To see how our team worked to address these pitfalls and reduce interruptions as developers move between projects, read more on the NetApp blog.