Managing Large Scale Storage Upgrades Across the NetApp Enterprise

May 20, 2020 by

A common conundrum for IT infrastructure teams is storage life cycle management. There are multiple challenges to maneuver like addressing compatibility issues, minimizing business disruptions, avoiding major outages, and mitigating risk. To avoid possible gut punches, the NetApp IT team has established a standard program to bring structure and rigor to their data infrastructure, including ONTAP 9.1 cluster upgrades to the latest version (e.g. 9.7). Learn about the techniques, dashboards, lessons learned, and insider secrets on how NetApp IT manages upgrades to their 100 PB storage fleet that supports hundreds of corporate applications.

About the Speakers

Peter Han is the Sr. Technical Program Manager responsible for leading large scale data infrastructure programs across the NetApp enterprise for corporate IT.

David Tanigawa is a Senior IT Storage Engineer on the Customer-1 team primarily responsible for the NetApp on-prem ONTAP infrastructure and technical lead for storage upgrades and lifecycle management.

NetApp on NetApp Webinar for NetApp Partners

This webinar demonstrates how the NetApp IT team uses its own NetApp products to simplify, automate, and/or cloudify their IT operations.

This webinar was recorded on May 20, 2020. The information in this presentation is proprietary to NetApp, though intended for external audiences. All rights reserved.

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