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NetApp Automates Infrastructure as a Service for Readily Available On-premises Solutions

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Customer Profile

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. At NetApp, the Information Technology (IT) team has standardized, virtualized, and automated the delivery of its on-premises infrastructure-as-a-service offering to the business. A key enabler is NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, which accelerates storage provisioning and
enables automation.

The Challenge

A number of factors today—rapid changes in technology, explosive growth of data, and uncertainty over the economic climate—require IT organizations to become more agile
and responsive to changing business needs. Just as important is cloud computing. Today, the cloud has become a disrupter and a catalyst that, combined with the other factors, is driving an evolution in IT, challenging organizations to quickly deliver infrastructure to support innovation, growth, and efficiency while reducing risks and costs.

At NetApp, delivering on-premises infrastructure quickly had become a challenge. The business had grown accustomed to requesting multiple technologies and configurations
from IT, resulting in an assortment of compute environments to support and adding operational complexity. It took IT weeks to deliver the environments because the process was manual, fragmented, and unpredictable.

To address these challenges, NetApp IT developed, streamlined, and automated certain processes to accelerate the provisioning of virtual and physical holistic compute environments (HCEs) to support the business. A key outcome was a self-service catalog designed to eliminate manual tasks through automating workflow processes, centralizing storage, and integrating multiple hardware platforms. The self-service provisioning of infrastructure has enabled the IT organization to deliver new services, functionality,
and business capabilities to project teams at a significantly faster pace than previously possible.

The Solution

The journey toward automating infrastructure delivery did not happen overnight. NetApp IT began by standardizing on software and hardware vendors—to eliminate custom builds and slow delivery times—and also on naming conventions, configurations, and designs.

“When most IT professionals hear the word ‘automation’ they think machines and technology, not people, and they often overlook the human side of their efforts,” said Matt Brown, IT Customer Engagement, NetApp on NetApp. Continue reading on