NetApp #WFH: Our COVID-19 Report

By David Garrin, IT Director, End User Services

It was not a big surprise in March of 2020 when NetApp began mandatory work from home (WFH) for most of the workforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many other enterprises had taken similar steps. At NetApp it was a collaborative effort involving IT, Safety & Security, Workplace Resources, The Crisis Team, HR, and local leaders to coordinate WFH efforts around the world to keep everyone safe and enable NetApp to continue to deliver on business commitments.

The quick pivot to WFH put our remote work capabilities to the test. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, VPN for secure access, and the NetApp Virtual Desktop (NVD) environment. These tools performed as designed and we continue to provide network access and high levels of productivity wherever our workface may reside.

Check out this infographic to get the highlights of NetApp’s #WFH success.