Rebuilding a Monolithic Enterprise App with Microservices and DevOps

January 8, 2020 by

Like many companies, NetApp runs some old, large enterprise applications that are maintained like zombies. Barely kept alive, these apps are important to the company yet are complicated to keep updated and are expensive to support. As the IT leader for the developers who focus on custom business app development inside NetApp, my team and I know firsthand the challenges of rebuilding customized apps that are founded on monolithic architectures.

Rebuilding Our First Critical Business App

With approximately 350,000 unique visitors per month, the NetApp Support site is one of the most important channels for our customers to get help when they need it. They can use self-help, interactive chat with a support agent, or other forms of digital support. It is an important part of our enterprise landscape and is an award-winning support site.

Still, until recently, the Support site had never undergone a major overhaul, only fragmented enhancements. Certain parts of the site were still running 20-year-old original code. It had become harder and harder for us to maintain and to improve the site. See how we rebuilt the site using microservices running in containers with DevOps principles in mind on the NetApp blog.