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WEBINAR: Automating E-Series Management with REST API

Learn how NetApp IT is using SANtricity Web Proxy services to automate the discovery of new E-Series arrays and detect failure events. With scores of E-series arrays scattered across data centers, it can be tough for operations staff to manage them...

WEBINAR: Storage Management as Customer-1

Customer-1 is the NetApp IT organization which plans, engineers, builds, and runs the NetApp solutions and services that supports production business applications. As early adopters of NetApp technologies, Customer-1 oversees the internal storage...

WEBINAR: NetApp Storage Management Using Ansible

In this NetApp on NetApp Partner Webinar, Ezra Tingler, Senior Storage Engineer, explains how the NetApp IT team uses Ansible ONTAP modules to reduce Day 0 build times from a 2-day manual process to an automated, 10-minute process. Watch this...

DevOps Adoption at NetApp IT

In this NetApp on NetApp video, Chief Cloud Architect Kamal Vyas shares the technology NetApp IT has adopted to support DevOps at the NetApp Insight 2018 DevOps Experience in Barcelona (December 2018).

Video: NetApp IT’s Next Generation Data Center

Michael Morris, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure at NetApp, explains how NetApp IT is making meaningful changes to move from traditional IT infrastructure toward next generation data centers.


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