The Hybrid Cloud Platform Inside NetApp and its -aaS Options

October 1, 2020 by No Comments

NetApp IT has built a hybrid cloud platform, called CloudOne, that is powered by NetApp technology and allows application developers to build cloud native applications using microservices architectures running in containers. The platform provides pre-defined standards for development, automated testing, and base images for DevOps. Application developers can also choose from two other options: Infrastructure as a Service or Container as a Service. Join this 2-part webinar to learn how NetApp powers the platform and about the IaaS and CaaS offerings, their user interfaces, and the architecture behind it.

Part One: Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS is used to provision and deprovision internal or external-facing virtual machines (VM) and perform post-provision operations on virtual machines, e.g. start, stop, reboot, resize, create, and delete images. On the storage front, volumes can be added, removed, resized, mounted, and unmounted directly by developers. Similarly, load balancers can be provisioned, deprovisioned, or modified.

About the Speakers

Mike Morris, Senior Director for Platform, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, leads NetApp IT’s hybrid cloud strategy―orchestrated and managed by an automation ecosystem―to create a holistic environment for cloud-aware enterprise applications.

Matt Norton, Senior Systems Engineer for Cloud and Compute Services at NetApp IT, designs, implements, and supports infrastructure services for the NetApp global enterprise and maintains the internal CloudOne IaaS offering.

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Part Two: Container as a Service

CaaS is used by a developer when they already have a custom or vendor-provided image. CaaS provides the developer with a CD pipeline that streamlines the deployment with enterprise compliance by the click of a button.

About the Speaker

Jonathan Fair, Senior DevOps Engineer at NetApp IT, delivers DevOps, CI/CD, automation, and service management across multiple cloud providers to ensure a consistent user experience on CloudOne, irrespective of the destination.

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NetApp on NetApp Webinar for NetApp Partners

This webinar demonstrates how the NetApp IT team uses its own NetApp products to simplify, automate, and/or cloudify their IT operations.

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