NetApp on NetApp

Three-Part Architecture of the Next Generation Data Center Inside NetApp

Our definition of data center is no longer four walls. It’s a hybrid, multi-cloud platform where we can best get the resources and apps at the best price point and performance level. We refer to this as our next generation data center (NGDC). It is a software controlled and orchestrated development platform to build and run cloud aware applications using DevOps and CI/CD delivery models.

Regardless if our resources are on premises or off premises, we need to provide IT governance oversight to ensure our investments and services support business objectives. Today all governance in NetApp IT is managed via ServiceNow, including the management of incidents, problems, and changes, our CMDB and service catalog, project and portfolio management, and more. Maintaining governance is an important part of the overarching NGDC architecture and building a development platform for cloud-aware applications.

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