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Transitioning to the Cloud: Future of Enterprise IT Infrastructure

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Presented by Michael Morris, Sr. Director of IT Platform, Cloud and Infrastructure

As applications rapidly migrate to public and private clouds, application developers need and expect more from traditional enterprise infrastructure teams. To stay relevant, learn how NetApp IT implemented a greenfield DevOps platform called CloudOne to provide a highly automated, self-service, cloud-based application development platform with rapid onboarding and delivery, integrated software development pipelines, and new application run-time environments (e.g. containers).

Key Takeaways

  1. Tips on how increase speed of application change delivery to meet rapidly changing business needs
  2. Ways to focus developers on writing code and releasing application changes, not dealing with other IT services
  3. Using automation for frequent, small production application changes to reduce production deployment

As the Senior Director for Platform, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Mike leads NetApp IT’s hybrid cloud strategy―orchestrated and managed by an automation ecosystem―to create a holistic environment for cloud-aware enterprise applications.