NetApp on NetApp

How NetApp Balances Power and Capacity in their Data Centers with Flash, FlexPod and More

One of the biggest trade-offs in any data center is power and capacity, the two biggest expenses of any data center.  Historically, as the two costs increased together, more racks of hardware and more power would be needed. Today the relationship has changed as compute and storage capabilities increase and power consumption drops. Inside NetApp, this shift can be attributed to solutions like All Flash FAS, high-density storage rack design, and FlexPod. Over the past five years, NetApp IT has reduced data center OpEx costs by $10M (US) annually, lowered number of racks and rackspace by nearly 50%, and reduced power consumption by over 50% globally.

In this NetApp on NetApp INFORM Webinar for Partners, discover what NetApp IT has learned from implementing these solutions, as presented by Senior IT Manager for Data Center Services Randy Egger.