How to Configure Load Balancers for NetApp StorageGRID and Write an Awesome S3 Application

November 27, 2019 by

The StorageGRID deployment inside NetApp consists of multiple Storage Nodes and is deployed across many sites. A properly designed load balancer is required to seamlessly direct clients to the optimal Storage Node so that any node failure, or even an entire site, is transparent. Another challenge is uploading files larger than 1TB, especially when there is no browser plug-in for a reliable and secure upload.

NetApp IT addressed the large file upload problems by implementing a highly scalable, reliable, and secure upload solution using StorageGRID. Because StorageGRID leverages S3, the team was able to securely upload over https with pre-assigned URLs for added security.

In this NetApp on NetApp INFORM Webinar for Partners, discover how to configure load balancers for NetApp StorageGRID and write an awesome S3 application, as presented by Network Architect Yash Syedshaw and Domain Architect Murthy Patnaik.