The Automation Technology Ecosystem for the Hybrid Multicloud Inside NetApp

August 29, 2019 by No Comments

NetApp IT has an automation architecture that includes monitoring and auto-response, regardless if resources are on or off premises, private or public cloud. Going beyond automating the processes to provision and decommission infrastructure, the team is removing people and the associated human error to improve IT efficiency, quality of service and time to deliver infrastructure and support. The challenge is selecting what monitoring tools to use given there is not one comprehensive, best in class solution. Learn how NetApp IT uses Zenoss to monitor the compute infrastructure, OnCommand Insight and Unified Manager for storage monitoring, AppDynamics for application performance, and Splunk and Prometheus for insights into the containerized environment.

About the Speaker

Ed Wang, Sr. Manager for Automation and Monitoring Tools at NetApp, leads the IT team responsible for designing and implementing enterprise IT monitoring and automation tools solutions that combine multiple best of breed products into a fully integrated solution.

NetApp on NetApp Webinar for Partners

This webinar demonstrate how the NetApp IT team uses its own NetApp products to simplify, automate, and cloudify the enterprise.

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