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Using ONTAP FlexGroup Technology to Power NetApp’s Massive Active IQ Data Lake

Every week NetApp’s Active IQ system generates about 100TB of data and 225 million files. As the Active IQ data lake grew, IT continually hit capacity limitations of the assigned NFS volumes. By using NetApp ONTAP Flexgroup Volumes, there has been a 2x improvement in IOPS performance, 10% more throughput, and lower total average latency. FlexGroup blends near-infinite capacity with predictable, low-latency performance for the metadata-heavy Active IQ workloads.

About the Speaker

Faisal Salem, Senior IT Storage Engineer at NetApp, is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team which acts as the first adopter of NetApp solutions and services. Faisal supports software-defined storage solutions for enterprise data management inside NetApp.

NetApp on NetApp Webinar for Partners

This webinar demonstrate how the NetApp IT team uses its own NetApp products to simplify, automate, and cloudify the enterprise.

This webinar was recorded on July 18, 2019. The information in this presentation is proprietary to NetApp, though intended for external audiences. All rights reserved.