Veeam Backup Solution for HCI: The NetApp IT Use Case

April 28, 2020 by

NetApp IT has adopted NetApp HCI as its on-premises hyper converged infrastructure with its automation and programmable APIs. For backup and recovery, the team desired a solution that integrates natively with Element OS, StorageGRID and E-Series as a backup management tool. With HCI there are many options for backup, restore, and replication. The team chose Veeam with its application aware backups for critical apps such as Active directory, SQL, and MS Exchange. They have deployed Veeam in two US data centers for approximately 1,400 VMs backups. Learn how the team architected the Veeam solution, handled the repositories, and set up the storage backends.

About the Speakers

Rizwan Ahmed, the Technical Lead for Windows and Virtualization inside NetApp IT, is responsible for the planning, installation, configuration, and upgrading support for VMware vCenter at NetApp.

Victor Ifediora, Senior IT Storage Engineer at NetApp, is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team. Victor is the Ansible Storage Automation lead and is responsible for ONTAP provisioning and configuration management via Ansible.

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