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NetApp IT’s ONTAP Ansible Module Integration with CyberArk

Thursday 24 June 2021
7 am PT // 4 pm CET

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As storage management experts, NetApp IT leans on tools like Red Hat Ansible to help automate the delivery of consistent storage environments, reduce configuration errors, and respond to threshold limits. The team uses ONTAP Ansible modules to reduce day 0 build times from a 2-day manual process to a 10-minute automated process. At the same time, the team is constantly looking for new ways to increase operational security. Perhaps now more than ever, organizations need to protect themselves from cyberattacks, data breaches, or ransomware. Learn how NetApp IT integrated CyberArk with Ansible playbooks to store passwords in a centralized and secure location, regularly rotate passwords, and easily perform audits. The integration enhances our security standards and decreases the possibility of a successful attack. In this webinar, NetApp IT Sr. Storage Engineer Faisal Salam and Sr. Storage Administrator Victor Ifediora will discuss why we integrated CyberArk, how we manage it, and how it has worked for us.

About the Speakers

Faisal Salam is a Senior Storage Engineer in NetApp’s corporate IT team and is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team, which acts as the first adopter of NetApp solutions and services. Faisal supports software-defined storage solutions for enterprise data management including Cloud Volumes ONTAP and has more than 10 years of experience.

Victor Ifediora, Senior IT Storage Engineer at NetApp, is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 team. Victor is the Ansible Storage Automation lead and is responsible for ONTAP provisioning and configuration management via Ansible.

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