INSIGHT 2022 has come and gone and the conversations and sessions were, well, insightful. NetApp on NetApp was there, supporting three sessions. View them on demand below and learn more about how we embrace the hybrid cloud.

NetApp IT’s Sessions:

Session 1135: How NetApp IT uses NetApp to Fuel a Cloud-Driven Transformation

Speaker: Umesh Manathkar, Chief Information Officer & SVP

Discover how NetApp® IT is leading the hybrid/multi-cloud business transformation. We’re doing this by modernizing core applications, embracing cloud in all forms, right-sizing data centers, and using a bespoke automated hybrid cloud platform.

Session 1141: NetApp IT’s DevOps platform leveraging NetApp technology

Speaker: Ed Wang, Senior IT Manager, CloudOne DevOps

As Customer-1, NetApp® IT is the earliest adopter of NetApp products. See how we leveraged this unique position to build CloudOne, an all-in-one platform for DevOps, CaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Session 1139: Amazon FSx enables NetApp IT to bring ONTAP to the cloud (And much more)

Speaker: Ram Kodialbail, Senior Storage Engineer

For the first time, the familiar features and performance on NetApp® ONTAP® are available in the cloud with Amazon FSx. See how NetApp IT is leveraging the platform to move faster and react to changing needs through AWS.