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Relive NetApp INSIGHT 2021 Digital

Insight has come and gone and we couldn’t be happier with how it went. NetApp TV was launched, giving us a new platform to deliver content directly to our customers. The sessions were robust and the feedback we’ve received has been positive. We hope you discovered new insights (pun somewhat intended) and got value out of the discussions.

Of course, if you missed anything, sessions are available to view at your leisure. The NetApp on NetApp team produced or was a part of seven sessions, each of which are available below.

Speaker: Bill Miller, CIO

Cloud is the easy choice for innovative and young companies. But the costs become more cumbersome in more mature organizations, ironically curtailing growth by growing. Here, we will discuss how to avoid this by optimizing infrastructure.

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Speaker: Eduardo Rivera, Senior IT Manager

We discuss the future of storage in hybrid-cloud environments, using NetApp ONTAP Ansible modules to automate storage, integrating ONTAP into orchestration technologies, and supporting modern workloads—including cloud-native applications.

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Speaker: Mike Morris, Senior Director IT

One of the primary goals of CloudOne is to increase the speed of application changes. We’ve accomplished this, having weekly application releases instead of monthly or quarterly. How did we accomplish this? What technology are we using?

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Speaker: Mike Morris, Senior Director IT

Transforming requires agility, which technical debt works against. Legacy systems slow innovation by requiring decisions to be made with them at top of mind instead of business needs. We will talk about how you can avoid the burden of technical debt.

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Speaker: Kevin McDonald, Program Manager

NetApp Support needed a fast, reliable, and secure way for customers to upload massive 100GB+ files. NetApp IT solved the problem by implementing a hybrid-cloud upload solution using NetApp StorageGRID.

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Speaker: Peter Kim, IT Program Manager

NetApp IT is exploring FinOps, or cloud financial management, particularly as it relates to CloudOne, our all-in-one hybrid-cloud platform for our software development and operations.

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Speakers: Ed Wang, Senior Manager IT, NetApp

Gunna Marripudi, Senior Director, Product Management, NetApp

Sayan Saha, Senior Director, Product Management, NetApp

Nikola Milojević, CTO, The Remote Company

Astra Control simplifies application-aware data management for your Kubernetes workloads. Learn how customers are using Astra Control to protect, manage, and recover their applications on their Kubernetes clusters, on-premises, and on cloud.

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Speakers: Mike Morris, Senior Director IT

NetApp IT embraces a hybrid-cloud model of application development to enable developers to create applications that drive innovation, while largely moving run-the-business processes to the public cloud via SaaS solutions.

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