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SmartParking minimizes unnecessary resource use, costs

By Matt Norton IT professionals are in an eternal search for new ways to spend less. Being able to deliver the same level of service, with a small hit to cost centers, is the dream of ever developer and finance manager. That’s why NetApp IT...

storage security program

Building the NetApp IT storage security program

Headlines and timelines are full of stories about data breaches and ransomware attacks. See how NetApp IT is addressing the security of our storage infrastructure with our new blog on our storage security program.

diversity of thought

Placing diversity of thought at the center of innovation

While listening to the latest episode of CIO Central with Qualcomm CIO Mary Gendron, we were struck by Mary’s thoughts on diversity, specifically diversity of thought and how it relates to innovation. “You’re really bringing an orchestra together,”...


Why NetApp IT is migrating from iWAN to SD-WAN

In order to continue our digital transformation, NetApp IT must have a network that can move large amounts of data, quickly, around the clock. That’s why we’re migrating from iWAN to SD-WAN and embracing a truly next-generation, software...

spot header

How NetApp IT used Spot to open the public cloud

Large enterprise organizations have been hesitant to fully embrace the public cloud because of the cost. However, Spot by NetApp® changes that. NetApp IT used the portfolio of services to leverage the decreased costs of spot instances up, without...

Automating E-Series Management with REST APIs

Learn how NetApp IT is using SANtricity Web Proxy services to automate the discovery of new E-Series arrays and detect failure events. With scores of E-series arrays scattered across data centers, it can be tough for operations staff to manage them...