GigaOm finds significant cost, time savings in Cloud Volumes ONTAP – NetApp IT agrees

NetApp IT’s hybrid cloud strategy means we operate in a multicloud world. The flexibility offered by a multicloud approach – vital to serving the larger enterprise – means that data is moved and moved often. That means an additional layer of complexity and the potential for inefficiency. Additional work slows the organization down and restricts growth.

To manage this, we use NetApp BlueXP Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) to manage multicloud workloads through a single solution. Working within NetApp BlueXP, CVO is a central part of managing our entire tech stack.

GigaOm, an independent technology research firm, did a deep dive into CVO to determine how a single storage platform works within a multicloud organization. It specifically measured data mobility, workflows, and cloud spend. It was a comprehensive look at the platform.

GigaOm’s Findings

Deep research resulted in:

– “NetApp simplified moving data between clouds with drag-and-drop ease. When pairing CVO with Cloud Sync, the workflow for moving data between multiple clouds became much more straightforward and streamlined.”

– “NetApp supports many low-effort ways to save on cloud spend, like storage efficiencies and object tiering. Support among Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service (AWS) often did not provide feature parity with CVO.”

They discovered significant cost benefits, including 50% savings in storage management labor, 42% in incident and operations labor, and zero outages. CVO simplifies and adds flexibility to IT organizations. This reduces the total cost of ownership and led GigaOm to declare that CVO is “an imperative element for enterprises that need the agility and mobility that multicloud workloads can offer but don’t want the complexity to overburden their teams and muddy their strategic objective.”

CVO’s streamlined application lifecycle (source: GigaOm 2022)

What CVO brings to NetApp IT (and how BlueXP is delivering more)

We’ve been using CVO since 2021 and now leverage it within the BlueXP control pane, across hyperscalers, private cloud, and on-prem. From Blue XP, we’re able to manage all of our ONTAP instances (and there are a lot), wherever they live.

Running hybrid cloud environments can be challenging for data mobility, as each environment can lead to siloed data. CVO and BlueXP helps us avoid this by providing a unified pane to work from. It provides reliable synchronization when replicating volumes. We quite literally drag and drop volumes, with identical copies being made. This saves time, money, and headaches.


GigaOm benchmarkers were highly impressed with BlueXP and CVO – and we tend to agree with them. For our specific hybrid cloud needs, the pair of solutions provide a simplified solution that saves NetApp IT time and money. It’s a key part of our solution portfolio and helps enable us to continue to deliver more to the enterprise, for less.

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