How to manage unstructured data with StorageGRID

January 5, 2021 by No Comments

At the 2020 NetApp INSIGHT™ Digital event, Senior Storage Engineer Ken Lee shared the NetApp IT use case for managing unstructured Data with StorageGRID. 

NetApp IT supports workloads that access data inside the public cloud, data centers and remote offices. To keep up with the volume of data and changes in how data is requested, stored, and accessed, the team uses StorageGRID features like CloudMirror, multi-part upload, and notification.  

Take 10 minutes to hear how IT storage engineers deployed StorageGRID for a key customer-facing application to load large unstructured data and ensure the same upload performance for global users regardless of their location. Ken shares how the solution connects to AWS S3 data then back to StorageGRID using CloudSync. 

As a senior storage engineer, Ken is a member of the NetApp Customer-1 program which acts as an early adopter of new NetApp products and services. He plans, engineers, builds, and runs NetApp products and services in support of the corporation’s enterprise applications.