Using StorageGRID to Move Huge Files in a Snap

October 11, 2021 by No Comments

By Kevin McDonald

NetApp IT had a problem. Our legacy file upload system was limited and not delivering what we needed. We were receiving customer uploads averaging 150 GB – but our system could only support up to 25 GB. Then, upload speeds were suboptimal and customers had to install specific plugins and open specific firewall ports just to get it to work.

It wasn’t a great solution.

So, we went out and created a new NetApp File Upload system, based on three upload locations – two in the United States and one in Europe. Then, we leveraged a hybrid cloud architecture to use public cloud providers globally, reducing latency. A file would be uploaded to an AWS server and sync it with our StorageGRID platform. It is a truly hybrid cloud solution.

The system supports uploads of up to 2 TB, putting us ahead of the curve for customer needs for the foreseeable future. To increase upload speeds, we’ve added multi-part uploads. Pausing and restarting uploads has also been added for convenience. All this resides behind the NetApp firewall as well, adding a new layer of security.

I’ll be talking more about our upload solution at NetApp INSIGHT 2021 Digital. You may register now!

Kevin McDonald

Kevin is the Program Manager for the NetApp on NetApp team, driving strategy and operations across the program.